Energizer Restructuring Program Creating Opportunities for B2B Sales

Energizer ($4.36 billion sales) has announced a new multi-year restructuring program. The program is expected to save the company $200 million.

The money saved will be applied towards new growth initiatives.  Nuggets we captured from the article include:

  • Create a center-led purchasing function to drive procurement savings.
  • Optimize its go-to-market strategies and organization structures within international markets.
  • Enable investments in information technology systems to improve capabilities and reduce costs.
  • Increase investment in brand building and innovation to drive future growth.

Energizer has even created a new position of VP, Global Business Transformation to spearhead this important multi-year savings program.

If you sell to (or want to sell to) Energizer, now is a good time start aligning your solutions to their goals – both in cost savings and new growth projects.

Read more at: Energizer Reveals Multi-Year Restructuring Program (article published on 11/13/12)

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