Best Companies to Sell to in 2012 and 2013

We have updated our report on the best companies to sell to in 2012 and 2013. The list includes the “best companies in their class”.

You can download it for free! Just visit: Best Companies Report

The report identifies over 80 “lists” that recognize top companies in their class, such as:

  • Top Private Companies
  • Top Public Companies
  • Top Manufacturers
  • Top Banks
  • Top Insurers
  • Top IT Deptartments
  • Top Hospitals
  • And many, many more…

The report is especially valuable for B2B sales execs who target the Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies. Use it to help you identify leading companies that can help you have your best sales year ever!

Thanks and happy selling!

About Silvia Quintanilla

Silvia Quintanilla, Chief Sales Detective and Principal, Industry Gems Sales Intelligence Silvia is Chief Sales Detective and Principal at Industry Gems Sales Intelligence. She is responsible for heading up all sales and account research activities for B2B sales and marketing initiatives. These include Named Account, Key Account, Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Contact Discovery programs. Prior to Industry Gems, Silvia spent 15 years working in the B2B sales arena. This has provided her with the direct experience to uncover the type of information salespeople need to close big deals. She received her degree in Business Administration from California State East Bay. To learn more about Industry Gems and our Account Research services, please visit or call Silvia directly at 510-745-9956. We also invite you to receive our free Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 “door opening” news each month. This is a free report we provide to our B2B readers to help them uncover new leads at large companies. Sign up today at (subscription box on top left).
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