Energizer Restructuring Program Creating Opportunities for B2B Sales

Energizer ($4.36 billion sales) has announced a new multi-year restructuring program. The program is expected to save the company $200 million.

The money saved will be applied towards new growth initiatives.  Nuggets we captured from the article include:

  • Create a center-led purchasing function to drive procurement savings.
  • Optimize its go-to-market strategies and organization structures within international markets.
  • Enable investments in information technology systems to improve capabilities and reduce costs.
  • Increase investment in brand building and innovation to drive future growth.

Energizer has even created a new position of VP, Global Business Transformation to spearhead this important multi-year savings program.

If you sell to (or want to sell to) Energizer, now is a good time start aligning your solutions to their goals – both in cost savings and new growth projects.

Read more at: Energizer Reveals Multi-Year Restructuring Program (article published on 11/13/12)

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Newly Created Role of CMO at Campbell Soup

This just came out – Campbell Soup has hired a CMO. The position is “newly created” which makes it very interesting for B2B sales who target Fortune 500 marketing departments.

The new CMO is Michael Senackerib, who used to be SVP and CMO at the Hertz Corp.

A quote from the article reads: “Senackerib will lead Campbell’s marketing function, including marketing services, global advertising, design, media, digital marketing and consumer and customer insights.”

Looks like marketing at Campbell’s is taking a spotlight. We’re sure that the new CMO will want to implement new innovative ways to improve the company’s sales. What services / technology can you offer to ensure his success?

Read about it here: Campbell Appoints CMO – October 31st, 2012

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MetLife Launching New Business Unit

MetLife has announced they will be starting a new business unit called “MetLife Investment Management”.

The unit will house two new divisions: MetLife Real Estate Investors and MetLife Private Capital Investors.

One quote that caught our eye reads: “In expanding its real estate platform for third-party investors, MetLife will install a new client-centric portfolio management approach, including professionals in marketing and investor relations, research, client reporting, acquisitions and asset management”.

If you have solutions you can offer to new business units at Fortune 500 companies, check out the article at: MetLife to Grow Third Party Asset Management Business – October 9th, 2012

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General Motors Growing Their IT Force

We saw this interesting bit of news from the Houston Business Journal. Looks like GM is bringing their IT force back in-house. Plans include hiring 3,000 former HP employees who use to work at GM.

Besides hiring the 3,000 HP workers, the article states GM is hiring 1,500 new IT employees at its tech center in Michigan along with 500 IT employees in Austin.

This could present new opportunities for those B2B salespeople who offer solutions to assist internal IT departments (tools, processes, help desk, project management, application development, training, collaboration, etc.).

Read all about it here: GM wants to hire 1,500 tech experts – October 19th, 2012

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Best Companies to Sell to in 2012 and 2013

We have updated our report on the best companies to sell to in 2012 and 2013. The list includes the “best companies in their class”.

You can download it for free! Just visit: Best Companies Report

The report identifies over 80 “lists” that recognize top companies in their class, such as:

  • Top Private Companies
  • Top Public Companies
  • Top Manufacturers
  • Top Banks
  • Top Insurers
  • Top IT Deptartments
  • Top Hospitals
  • And many, many more…

The report is especially valuable for B2B sales execs who target the Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies. Use it to help you identify leading companies that can help you have your best sales year ever!

Thanks and happy selling!

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Johnson & Johnson Opening Four New Innovation Centers

In this article from Consumer Goods Technology Magazine, we learn that J&J is opening up four new regional innovation centers.

The centers will be located in California, Boston, London and China. The centers will also serve as regional hubs that “will house science and technology experts and have local deal-making capabilities.”

We like this article for any of those who offer services to brand new facilities. Examples include software platforms, collaboration solutions, business development solutions (for the new deal making activity) and tools for scientists (i.e. R&D).

Read more at: J&J to Run Innovation Centers – Sept 19, 2012

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Roche investing $300 million at Indianapolis HQ

Roche Diagnostics is the US arm of Roche’s global diagnostics division. The company has announced spending $300 million on their Indianapolis headquarters over the next 10 years.

According to the article, Roche will be spending the new funds on “renovating existing buildings, purchasing new manufacturing equipment and upgrading IT equipment and operations”.

It will also go towards an 88,000 sq ft  training center for customers by 2014.

We see opportunities for B2B sales in many areas, including: training solutions, IT solutions, employee collaboration tools, web facing solutions (i.e. for customer training/support) and many other areas.

Read more at: Roche Diagnostics announces $300M investment – June 20th, 2012

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Interview with Family Dollar’s new President & COO

We found this revealing interview with the (relatively) new President and COO of Family Dollar Stores (#302 in Fortune 500).

Family Dollar Stores is growing. They have plans to open 450 to 500 stores in 2012.

A few of Michael Bloom’s quotes include:

  • Regarding Loyalty Programs: “It is absolutely the most efficient spend a retailer can make, and it could be a terrific addition to Family Dollar”
  • “There will also be a significant increase in our global sourcing”
  • “We must continue to find ways to remain relevant to our customer and drive trips to the store”
  • “I’m a huge sports fan and love to ride bikes. Last August, I rode the 200-mile Pan-Mass Challenge and raised $33,000 for cancer research. I plan to do it again this year”

Read the full article to find out how you can help Bloom achieve his goals! Keeping Family Dollar Stores on Fast Track

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New Officer Appointments at Leading P&C Insurance Co.

Here is a news flash from a billion dollar leading P&C Insurance company.

This week, Selective Insurance Group ($1.6 billion sales from NJ) has named 10 new officers to their subsidiary Selective Insurance Company of America.

There are new leaders in Claims, HR, IT, Legal and Risk.

If this is a key vertical for you, we recommend adding these people to your org charts and CRM systems. Send them a note to congratulate them on their new roles!

Read more at: Selective Insurance Group Announces Officer Appointments


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CIO Interview with Ted Hengst of Harris Corp.

Harris Corp is a $5 billion dollar manufacturer in Melbourne Florida. One of their largest customers is the US Government.

In this recent article / interview, learn about what technology trend Ted Hengst is most excited about.

Also, if you’re targeting this Fortune 500 company, you’ll need to know how Hengst has reorganized his IT shop (which could actually expand your sales opportunity and deal size).

Read more at: IT Drives $Billions: The CIO Interview with Ted Hengst of Harris Corp.

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